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Have/Want by Gothmog
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Autor:  Gothmog [ Wt kwi 06, 2021 15:33 ]
Tytuł:  Have/Want by Gothmog

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English - limited
Fram Framson
Nenseldë the Wingild
Dragon's Hunger
King under the Mountain
The Riddle Game
Agburanar at Home
Bairanax at Home
Eärcaraxë at Home
Exile of Solitude
Fever of Unrest
Frenzy of Madness
Itangast at Home
Leucaruth at Home
Many Sorrows Befall
Parsimony of Seclusion
Prowess of Age
Scatha at Home
Scorba at Home
Song of the Lady
Subtlety of Guile
Gems of Arda
Fate of the Ithil-Stone
Hour of Need
Pass the Doors of Dol Guldur
The Hunt
Ulkaur the Tongueless
Scorba Roused
Smaug Roused
Palantír of Elostirion
Gold Chains in the Wind
Khamûl Unleashed
The Witch-king Unleashed
Creature of an Older World
Thong of Fire
Hounds of Sauron
Padding Feet
Alatar the Hunter
Lady of the Golden Wood
Saruman the Wise
Grey Havens
The Gem-deeps
Doeth (Durthak)
Euog (Ulzog)
Greater Half-orcs
Keys of Orthanc
Liquid Fire
Bow of Alatar
Give Welcome to the Unexpected
Gnawed Ways
Oromë's Warders
Saruman's Ring
The Great Hunt
Winged Change-master
Wizard's Trove
The Fiery Blade
Cruel Claw Perceived
Nature's Revenge

The Balrog
Crook-legged Orc
Breach the Hold
Flame of Udûn
Foe Dismayed
Gangways over the Fire
Great Fissure
Out He Sprang
Roots of the Earth
Strangling Coils
Shelob's Brood

The Iron Crown
Angmar Arises
Deadly Dart
The Arkenstone

English - unlimited
Tom Bombadil
Variags of Khand
Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe
Palantír of Amon Sûl
Fair Travels in Dark-domains
Lucky Search
Return of the King
Sacrifice of Form
True Fána
Fell Turtle
Khamûl the Easterling
Bane of the Ithil-stone
Lost in Dark-domains
The Balance of Things
Easterling Camp
Variag Camp

Poszukiwane (tylko wersja francuska):
- Camp variag
- Merry
- Exilés de retour
- Emeraude du marin
- Heaume de son secret
- Connaissances des Mathoms
- Bairanax
- Eärcaraxë
- Gothmog
- Serpent-garou
- Daelomin au gîte
- A une once près
- Souvenirs dérobés
- Frugalité dans l'isolement

Poszukiwane (tylko wersja angielska):
- Golodhros
- Umagaur the Pale
- Revealed to all Watchers

- Calendal
- Carambor
- Snaga
- Ufthak
- Blackbole
- Last Child of Ungoliant
- "Two-headed" Troll
- Beornings
- Dunlendings
- Ice-orcs
- Wargs of the Forochel
- Dwarven Ring of Barin's Tribe
- Dwarven Ring of Drúin's Tribe
- Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe
- Palantír of Osgiliath
- Perfect Gold Ring
- The Iron Crown
- The One Ring
- The Oracle's Ring
- The Reviled Ring
- A Malady Without Healing
- Adûnaphel Unleashed
- Dwar Unleashed
- Foul Trophies
- Leg It Double Quick
- Messenger of Mordor
- News of the Shire
- No More Nonsense
- Old Prejudice
- Ren Unleashed
- Rumor of the One
- Sneakin'
- Spying out the Land
- Threats
- Ûvatha Unleashed
- Veils of Shadow
- Words of Menace and Deceit
- Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath
- Pirates
- Uruk-lieutenant
- Plague
- The Roving Eye
- Waiting Shadow
- Dol Amroth
- The Stones

- Nûrniags
- Daelomin Roused
- Eärcaraxë Roused
- Itangast Roused
- Leucaruth Roused
- Tower Raided
- Radagast the Tamer
- Rivendell

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